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Katie Cline is an entrepreneur, investor, and master of nearly everything! She has years of experience working with customers and she can't wait to help you achieve your real estate goals.

Ms. Cline founded and managed a LEED (green) commercial construction education business for over eight years. It became so successful Katie and her husband sold the business to a larger team. She has an MBA with emphasis in Real Estate and manages her own real estate portfolio in the Dallas area. Years of working with customers means she can work with anyone and personalize your service. Besides being a Realtor for Mitchell and Co, Katie is the founder of the National Registry for Adoption, which helps those who cannot have their own children adopt embryos and give birth to their adopted child. She is also a mother to 5 year old twins and assists her husband with his financial podcast and blog. Ms. Cline is a native Texan and she and her family live in the Dallas area.


What people are saying about Katie:

Jen Murray - "I've worked with Katie Cline for years and know that she is on top of all the details. She ensures customer needs are handled as soon as possible, in the most helpful manner available."

Laura Long - "I know I can trust Katie to be honest and truthful in any business deal. I would recommend her to anyone I know!"

Laurie Bartosh - "Katie is an incredibly hard worker. She impresses me with her dedication to both work and family."