Buying a Home

1. Meet with a REALTOR®

  1. Discuss needs and wants - Click Here To Learn How to Dispell Common Home Buying Myths
  2. Determine geographic area you want to focus.
  3. Your Realtor will set up a custom search and personalized website to find you properties you are interested in the moment they hit the market!

2. Get Pre-Approved for a loan

  1. Have your loan officer show you what your total estimated mortgage payment would be with mortgage insurance, taxes, and insurance.
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  2. Ask them to show you what you can afford with various scenarios
    1. Different down payments
    2. Different amortizations
    3. Paying additional money towards principle
  3. Decide on what your home buying budget will be
  4. Have loan officer present you and your Realtor with a Pre-Approval Letter

3. House Hunt!

  1. Schedule with your Realtor to visit homes you’re interested in.
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  2. Use your Buyers Checklist to narrow down to your top favorite homes.
  3. Go back and visit your top choices and have your Realtor run comparable sales on them to see what range like homes are selling for. This gives you valuable information for putting together an offer!

4. You have found “The One”- Getting a House Under Contract

  1. Meet with your Realtor to prepare a Contract on your chosen home. Your Realtor will need to have the following to complete this:
    1. Your Legal names and best contact information to receive legal documents
    2. What price you want to offer on the home including how much you will put for a down payment and how much you will take a loan out for.
    3. Checks for your earnest money and option fee
    4. Sign the Sellers Disclosure
    5. A copy of your Pre-Approval Letter
  2. Negotiate the Offer
  3. Come to an Agreement- Hooray!!!
    1. Buyer and Seller agree to all terms in the Contract, everyone signs it, and the checks and signed contract are delivered to the Title Company and Sellers Agent

5. Option Period

  1. Have a Home Inspection preformed and negotiate any necessary repairs.
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  2. Title Insurance
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6. Prior to Closing Day

  1. Lender will order an Appraisal of the home.
  2. Loan sent for Approval
  3. Upon Loan Approval- Title Company sends out a HUD1 that details all the fees associated with closing. It will include:
    1. How much your total loan amount is.
    2. What funds you will need to bring by certified check to closing.
    3. Commissions and fees associated with the sale.
  4. Secure Property Insurance for the home.
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  5. Set up for the utilities to be turned over.
  6. Do a final walk through to make sure home is in agreed upon condition.

7. Closing Day

  1. Buyers, Realtor, Title Agent, and Loan Officer meet at Title Company to:
    1. Sign all Title and Loan Documents
    2. Pay down payment with a certified check or wire transfer
    3. Lender funds the loan

8. The house is yours! What now?

  1. You get the keys, garage door opener, and related items upon closing and loan funding
  2. You will receive Title Information in the mail to your new address
  3. Complete change of address form through USPS at
  4. Move in and enjoy your new home!
  5. File for a tax exemption -

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This reflects an average transaction and experiences may vary. For more questions please ask your licensed REALTOR®.