Selling a Home

1. Meet with a Mitchell and Co REALTOR®

  1. Discuss reason for selling and what your expectations are.
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  2. Your Realtor will prepare a custom market analysis for you of properties that have recently sold in your area. This is an essential step in determining the potential value of your property.
  3. Determine a Listing Price and Marketing Strategy for your property.

2. Prepare Home to be put on Market

  1. Your Realtor will take measurements, professional photos, and verify tax and school information in preparation to list your home for sale.
  2. You will fill out a Sellers Disclosure other related documents detailing the current condition of the property.
  3. Buyers are looking at multiple homes when determining what will be right for them. Make sure your home is presented in its best light by making sure any repairs, organization, and staging is done prior to your home being shown to potential buyers.
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3. Show Show Show!

  1. Schedule with your Realtor on how to show your property to potential buyers.
  2. Your Realtor or a licensed Buyers Realtor will always be present for any showings or open houses.
  3. Interested buyers will likely come back to see the house again in what is commonly called a “second showing”, which is great news!

4. You have an Offer from a Buyer! - Getting a House Under Contract

  1. Meet with your Realtor to review a Contract presented by the Buyer. Your Realtor will need to have the following to complete this:
    1. Your Legal names and best contact information to receive legal documents
    2. Sign the Sellers Disclosure
  2. Negotiate the Offer
  3. Come to an Agreement- Hooray!!!
    1.  Buyer and Seller agree to all terms in the Contract, everyone signs it, and the buyers checks and signed contract are delivered to the Title Company and Sellers Agent

5. Option Period

  1. Have a Home Inspection preformed and negotiate any necessary repairs
  2. Title Insurance
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6. Prior to Closing Day

  1. Lender will order an Appraisal of the home
  2. Schedule for any necessary repairs according to the contract
  3. Loan sent for Approval
  4. Upon Loan Approval- Title Company sends out a HUD1 that details all the fees associated with closing. It will include:
    1. How much your proceeds of the sale will be
    2. What additional documents you will need to submit prior to closing
    3. Commissions and fees associated with the sale
  5. Notify Insurance company about the sale and closing date of the home
  6. Set up for the utilities to be turned over
  7. Schedule movers
  8. Do a final walk through to make sure home is in agreed upon condition

7. Closing Day

  1. Buyers, Realtor, Title Agent, and Loan Officer meet at Title Company to:
    1. Sign all Title and Loan Documents
    2. Receive payment with a certified check or wire transfer

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9. 1031 Exchange

A 1031 Exchange is a Powerful Tax Deferral Opportunity. Learn more about this well-established provision. 

This reflects an average transaction and experiences may vary. For more questions please ask your licensed REALTOR®.